Nikon AF-S 85mm f/1.4 lens not so hot.

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MisterHairy wrote:

Also, on an earlier point, I thought that the "silent" ISO boost was implemented to overcome the less efficient take up of light as incident angles move far away from the perpendicular, as is likely with wide aperture lenses, and in particular wide fast primes. As this is going to be dependant on set aperture rather than maximum aperture here, why would the camera behave any differently for the 1.8 lens when both are stopped down to f/2 or especially f/5.6? I must be misunderstanding how it works. Does this mean that my cameras are boosting the ISO for my 70-200II, since it also has poorer light transmission characteristics than the 85/1.4? I don't believe that it does, but am happy (maybe the wrong word) to be proven wrong. Also, from what I have read, I would have thought that the 1.4 lens was the more likely candidate for the stealth ISO boost.

Yes! I agree that f5.6 seems very early to start silent ISO boost, It may just be my monitor, you could judge that better.

The wider lenses will let in more of all the rays, straight ones and deviated ones for any given f-stop.

Maybe Nikon feel that the D800E has such good ISO performance that they can increase ISO more early. I think they should have a warning light that comes on when the Micro-lenses cant see any more light and ISO is being boosted. There is an older article Here.

I hope the next generation of sensors will address this problem


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