Nikon AF-S 85mm f/1.4 lens not so hot.

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I love f/1.4 lenses. Own three of them and use them almost exclusively. I really wanted the 85/1.4 to better the 1.8 lens for this very reason, as I would have liked to swap over now that the funds are available, but one must be pragmatic about these things, and the 85/1.4 has failed to shine. To be fair, I did say "not so hot" and not "utterly crap", and I would consider being equalled or easily beaten by the cheapo 1.8 lens as a "not so hot" performance.

Also, on an earlier point, I thought that the "silent" ISO boost was implemented to overcome the less efficient take up of light as incident angles move far away from the perpendicular, as is likely with wide aperture lenses, and in particular wide fast primes. As this is going to be dependant on set aperture rather than maximum aperture here, why would the camera behave any differently for the 1.8 lens when both are stopped down to f/2 or especially f/5.6? I must be misunderstanding how it works. Does this mean that my cameras are boosting the ISO for my 70-200II, since it also has poorer light transmission characteristics than the 85/1.4? I don't believe that it does, but am happy (maybe the wrong word) to be proven wrong. Also, from what I have read, I would have thought that the 1.4 lens was the more likely candidate for the stealth ISO boost.

To be clear, I was trying out the 1.4 lens with a view to purchasing one. My original post was driven out of disappointment rather than a desire to "inversely brag" or hurt anybody else's feelings.

Cytokine wrote:

MisterHairy wrote:

I very rarely want to shoot anything at f/1.4 to be honest. I honestly do believe that those 2/3 of a stop are used almost exclusively for internet bragging rights. Not much of the world's commercial photography is shot at f/1.4 and we are talking about a supposedly "pro" lens here.

I'd rather have a lens which is bloody sharp at f/1.8 than one which needs to be stopped down by two stops to compare.

I have not seen anyone on here bragging about their 1.4G 85mm lenses, In fact when discussing my older 85mm 1.4D the owners of the newer lens have responded with reserved and polite opinions.

But to state that it is completely inferior to the 1.8G sounds like inverted bragging to me!  I am sorry you find f1.4 lenses useless, but I find them better at all fstops in terms of clarity and subtle colour.

Having spent 25 years in a commercial Advertising and photographic environment, I find that Creative photographers will try everything and squeeze every drop of creativity out of their equipment.


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