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Why would you care?

Richard the picture man wrote:

I look, I read, but mostly I listen.

One thing I read once (in a Readers Digest I think) was that of all interchangeable lens cameras sold, over 70% were used for up to two months after purchase (probably for a holiday trip) and never used again.

I love the freedom that comes with buying something you want and maybe only use it once. Why would you care how others spend their money, either because of jealousy or a desire to control them in some way. That is the observation I come away when I see people who create posts that critisize the way others spend their money

From reading the forums here, those people asking for advice nearly always ask for advice regarding Nikon v Canon. It would seem that other brands do not exist.

For them, they don't, they don't own those other brands but they do know professionals use those cameras and they figure they are a good product... and they are. Someday other brands will product a good product that gains the attention of pros and beginners alike. That would be Sony IMHO

Several of these people give me the impression that they truly believe spending more money = taking better pictures. Moreover some of the repliers tend to foster and encourage that belief.

I don't observe that very much. I do see people spend more money to get better/faster AF, more FPS, FF, fast glass, higher resolution, better noise control at high ISO, more durable build, 100 percent OVF, tilt display, gps or wifi.

And while none of these will make you a better photographer, the do make it easier to capture better images or in come cases to get the shot the lower end units could not get without being a very good photographer.

I also get the impression that many newcomers (not all ) have a marked disinclination to actually start their hobby at the beginning. Very few of them want to truly learn about things like  depth of field, perspective compression, Hyperfocal distance, panning, pre focusing etc. It seems as if they want to buy a camera, set it to scene mode and fire away. No wonder they get bored after just a few months.

But any hobby is that way. You can enter it into any depth you want. Many people get into other hobby's that cost money only for them to find out they weren't really interested or it was too much work. Why do you care?

What I observed in other hobby's is that just like photography, you choose either entry level which if you like the hobby is quickly outdated and you want to upgrade, no one wants the entry level so you lose money by keeping it. The other is you buy the more expensive stuff, then you don't have to upgrade but if you don't like the hobby you don't lose as much selling the equipment for the hobby because the equip is desirable unlike the entry level. Same with photography.

There are people on this site and of course other sites, giving out advice that is incorrect and misleading.

I would agree that this is true to some extent. But my observation is that someone with clue will often correct them or give another perspective, which is what is great about forums.

They do not know how little they really know. It would seem that they have not even read the original post and certainly do not understand the original question.

This applies to you too... Unless you are an expert in the field, it is only then that you only know how much you don't know.

I listen to other people, sometimes in a camera club situation prattling on about how superior their camera is. Only to find that one year later they have left photography for some other hobby.

Again, it happens in all hobby's, why do you care.

As someone who has derived enormous pleasure from photography and would wish the same pleasure to all newcomers,

Maybe their pleasure is the brief pleasure of owning good equipment only to decide that the hobby is not for them. Why try to demean their pleasure, are you saying your pleasure is superior to theirs and everyone has to have the same type of pleasure as you do?

it saddens me that we photographers have allowed this situation to develop. Years ago we had the desire and discipline to learn  but not the superb equipment we have now. These days we have the super equipment but very few people with the desire and discipline to make the effort and learn
Regards - Richard
Happy guy with a K5
N.B. All my Images, even the bad ones, are Protected by Copyright

It saddens me that people feel the need to tell others what type of pleasures they must feel, how much they have to work at something so they can equate themselves to the person critisizing them.

What is really great about photography, is all you have to do is pick up a camera, point and shoot or $7000 camera with a $2000 and press a button and capture a memory or a sliver of time with no expectation of having to work at it, put in effort or be disciplined. You just do it for the enjoyment and pleasure of capturing a moment in time

Regards Richard

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