Performance 5D2 and 24-105mm/4.5 L

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Re: Performance 5D2 and 24-105mm/4.5 L

HarryLally wrote:

Lovely shots qianp2k. You seem to have mastered the art of post-processing too.

Thanks for your kind words.

To OPer: shoot in RAW and process in LR4 (or DPP initially). If you don't see sharpness from this combo, either your combo is something wrong or you don't do correctly. Strongly suggest LR4 and spend the first $25 to take Lynda LR4 course that you should be able to learn how to use LR4 well enough in one month after just taking one course - LR4 Basic. That's how I learned LR3 two years' ago after using DPP several years and strongly "believe" it's the best until I knew how LR works   Absolutely worth. You can buy LR4 below $100 now. You still can upload into CS5 for retouching but LR4 has better and easier interface and you will benefit significantly thru LR4 powerful database over years.

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