My GR Just Arrived - Some Quick Full Size Snapshots - Oh it's very Nice!!

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GR vs. RX100

Jimmy2thou wrote:

I also have the Sony RX100 and that easily wins the auto focus war, whether in daylight or night time. It is just so quick and responsive. I will make some comparisons between the RX100 and GR soon.

Thanks for posting, I would appreciate a few landscape style images (subject near infinity) with the GR and RX100 at 28mm equivalent, e.g. at f/2.8 and f/8 (possibly lower aperture number for RX100 to compensate for the smaller sensor).

Most of my landscape style photography is at 24-28mm equiv, so I could live with just a 28mm prime. But having 50-100mm available is always nice on such a 'carry-always' camera. I'm not happy with corner performance of RX100, but I value its many features in a small package. Just wondering how big the image quality gain is with the GR, especially for corner performance.

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