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Re: Xubuntu everything works?

CAcreeks wrote:

barkingghost wrote:

I have to ask the two of you what photography related software are you using in your photography while running Linux.

Not asking what is available, but what you are using for your photography.

I have been using GIMP since 2.4, when on Linux it became better than Photoshop CS2 on Windows. By better I mean faster starting, easier to use, with superior JPEG encoding. GIMP 2.6 was even better, and works very well on Windows, as does 2.8.

One of the main reasons I finally had to give up Ubuntu Lucid and switch to something newer was that I wanted GIMP 2.8. It wasn't available for Lucid.

GIMP 2.8 is superior to 2.6 AFAIC. I especially like the new single window mode.

P.S. Mrs. Fixit is correct - I had Xubuntu mixed up with Kubuntu because both are based on the X11 windowing system, I think.

Xubuntu and Kubuntu are vastly different animals... but yes they're both X11.

Candice in PA

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