Do *NOT* Buy STK 3rd party batteries for Canon 6D/5DMKIII

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Re: Update with 3rd party batteries-

To find out the true capacity is to charge it in OEM charger and then discharge it in the MAHA.

6.2v is the discharged voltage. Charge voltage is usually 8.2-8.4v without load. In other words if you take freshly charged battery and measure voltage you should get 8.4v.

I HAVE NEVER encountered a single third party battery and tested a lot of them to be close to OEM. The closest one is Phottix at 1560mah all others including Wasabi are 1460mah. Also, if you have scale you can see that Wasabi is 14 grams lighter than OEM. Most third party batteries are.

But sure the price make them a good buy. 2 oem=$120, 3 third party (to make capacity equal) =$60
still half the price. Can't beat that.

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