Firmware upgrade causes AF slow down on 18-55!

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Re: Firmware upgrade causes AF slow down on 18-55!

baobob wrote:

My purchase of the 55-200mm lens will be linked to a reasonable fast AF since this lens will be used to catch fast action from a distance

If it is not the case I'll continue buying fantastic old glass may be a 200m I already ordered a 135mm 3.5 compact in size pure MF....

Good choice. I was surprised to get good results from my old B&H/Canon FD 135 f1:2.5 S.C. using an adapter to my X-Pro1.  It's not what could be called a lightweight lens (probably heavier than the new 55-200mm) but it gave me immense pleasure to get good results from a lens that had been on a shelf with all of my old film Canon stuff.

I don't know enough about the physics of it all that would make a 135mm lens fill the frame with these sensors but it does it. Too bad I couldn't get the Fuji manual focus assist to switch on with the old lens attached. That would have been perfect.

I'd bought the adapter to use my FD 50mm F:1.4 SSC on a Canon bellows to photograph stamps to sell, and tried the 135 just for kicks.

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