E-3 vs EPL2 vs E-M5 and a puzzle with colour

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Re: Another try with a bigger better monitor

jkrumm wrote:

To give the E3 a fair shake you probably should have maximized its DR by using iso 100 (and 200 on the others).

I've always liked the output of the 10mp sensors of the E3/420/520 generation. I get to see these results weekly when my students shoot their 520's. The OMD kicks butt in high contrast situations, in lower contrast shots the extra DR doesn't help, and as you note can appear more flat, taking extra processing to bring back the "pop."

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John Krumm
Juneau, AK

Hey John,

I probably should have used ISO 100, and did take the shot at 100 with the flash bumped up one stop, but then others would say it was an iso 100 vs an iso 200 comparison

While I have found the push and pull ability of the OMD sensor to be very useful it was interesting to see how different the colours turned out when one tried to match them (as it is suggested so many times here). I hope whatever processing (and it was suggested better colour filters, weaker IR filter etc) that leads the E-3 to have such an effortless reproduction in colour is maintained in the next top tier body with the newer sensor.


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