Metabones speed booster for XE1

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Re: Where is Canon EF Speed Booster for X-mount?

liquid stereo wrote:

Astrophotographer 10 wrote:

Metabones offers a Canon EF adapter to Xmount or contarex adapter to xmount.

Odd choice in that there is no Nikon adapter despite Nikon and Canon being dominant.

So if you want to mostly use the adapter with Nikon G lenses which would you get? The Canon one is $150 more expensive. But I do have a nice Novoflex Nikon to Canon adapter with aperture control. So I could get the Canon version and pay the $150 for no extra benefit over the cheaper ones and use the Novoflex. But how would you use the Contarex adapter which is cheaper. I guess there must be a Nikon to Contarex adapter?

Their site is a mess of possibilities and ignoring mainstream users. They are missing out big time on sales because of this. They need to offer a turn key system for mainstream lenses rather these really odd choices like Alpa (like who has Alpa lenses???).


I see no such adapter. Am I looking in the wrong place?

By god your right!

They must not have released it yet!

That really sucks! im currently saving up for that! Well by the time i save up enough maybe they will have released a Nikon version! Or maybe canon will release some new 50mm's.....either one.

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