Where can I find 17" x 22" Picture Frames online ?

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Re: If I may ask…

Mark Scott Abeln wrote:

LDHflyguy wrote:

My Epson Stylus Pro 3800 prints up to 17 x 22.  Epson sells a variety of papers in that size; and, I like cropping my pictures to those dimensions.  If I could afford a bigger printer and the ink and papers to go with it, I would print even bigger.  So far I've been using glue sticks to attach my prints to foam board.

Ah, that makes sense. I wonder why Epson chose that size?

If you use a matte, then perhaps you can get a larger frame size. See if these frame sizes are available:

  • 19x24
  • 20x25
  • 21x26
  • 22x27
  • 23x28
  • 24x29
  • 25x30
  • 26x31
  • 27x32

Depending on where you live, a crafts store might be able to cut you a matte inexpensively. I would recommend leaving a ½ inch margin around your print so that you have a nice border between the printed area and the matte.

I like the matte suggestion.

I think I've seen a larger size plastic frame that might fit my price range in a couple of local stores.

Once I have the mattes cut for the frames, I can use them over and over as I swap out my pictures occasionally.  I'll have to check the prices for having the mattes cut.

As to why Epson chose the 17 x 22 size, maybe it's because four 8.5 x 11 prints will fit on a sheet that size.

Also, I could easily crop my pics to 16 x 20 and trim off the extra paper and use 16 x 20 frames which are readily available, but, I really want to get the largest print possible from my printer.

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