A few observations.

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Re: A few observations.

Interesting thoughts in your post. Although the expectation of instant gratification probably has gone up in all walks of life, unused cameras and unskilled camera owners are not a new thing.

Cameras have been lying around in the homes of unskilled owners for as long as consumer cameras have been available. Most film cameras were used once in a while for trips or special family occasions. Most of the exposures didn't produce adequate prints. The vast majority camera owners didn't learn exposure theory or work to develop photography as an art or craft. Their poor results (and/or gear focus) were not visible to the world via internet sites, that's all.

There are many, many more serious photography enthusiasts working today than anyone could have imagined in the days of film. Together, they spend more time, effort and money on developing their photography than in those days. Also, the sheer quantity of high quality images by amateur enthusiasts today has no comparison in the past.

At the same time, of course, there are many, many more casual camera owners today, and they probably do expect their equipment to carry them more than their counterparts did in the past. The average quality of snaps taken by such people far outstrips what their counterparts managed with film - sophisticated auto modes and digital tech are to be thanked for that.

Photography today is vibrant, democratic and ubiquitous. The quality of the good work is higher. The quality of the bad work is also higher. Top-class skills in the (digital) darkroom and on the (inkjet) printer are much more widespread than in the days of film. The quality of photography that can be seen in international exhibitions run by FIAP or PSA can show anyone who looks just how many creative and skilled amateurs there are who are dedicated to their craft, and who produce simply phenomenal imagery.

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