When size matters (D800 pixel count)

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Re: When size matters (D800 pixel count)

digitalman4242 wrote:

Nice.  But is it worth paying for and having your files be huge? How often will most people use a crop like that?  Most people would rather have a few less megapixels and a little more low light/high iso capability.

I strongly disagree. I find the ability to crop heavily with the D800 worth every bit of the cost of storage. Look at the detail in the OP's second post. You can't do that with "less megapixels". It essentially extends the long end of any lens, making possible shots that were heretofore impossible without a longer lens.

As for low light/high ISO capability, what are you comparing it with? I can auto focus in low light in a consistent manner I only dreamed of before. The noise at ISO 4000 is easily taken care of in PP with no apparent loss of detail, again only a dream before. I have seen posted shots at ISO6400 that are very detailed.

One other benefit not talked a lot about but huge in my workflow is the minimal amount of PP necessary with this camera. It's metering and DR abilities make it easy to get the image I want in all types of shooting environments.

I shoot 14bit lossless compressed and my raw files average 42-48 Mbs per image which does take storage space and has changed my criteria for what to keep and what not to keep. I used to count on technical reasons for a good amount of my culling but that has changed drastically because so large a percentage of this camera's images are technically good. Now it's just more of a "what do I like" scenario. A god problem to have in my opinion.

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