Did Nikon screw up?

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Re: Did Nikon screw up?

chipmaster wrote:

Its only equipment, i'm no the fence. Canon and Nikon equipment are both pretty good but ..

If I hadn't upgraded to D4 and D600 I'd sell it all and go with a 1DMkX and 6D or 5DMKIII.    Its only money and the current stable of bodies frankly got issues.  The D800 if you need that resolution / DR  might have compelled me but as much as 24Meg wow's me, sorry the issues with my D600 and D4 and the stellar new canon lenses make a change worth considering.

So if I had a D700 I'd flip...  it would like trying to decide between toyota and honda.  Toyota continues to screw up.. I'd spend my money differently and send a message to management that is no way to treat your customers.   The output difference really is trivial and a good photographer can make either equipment work.  Just the lens alone swing in Canon's favor these days ( except for the 14-24 which is special )

The difference between a D800e and any Canon or other manufacturer's product is far from trivial for any purpose that requires rendition of fine detail and a lot of dynamic range at any magnification.   Zoom in just a bit on any pic with deep shadows taken by a 5DIII and have a look at the low ISO banding crud.   That's not trivial, my friends, it's a big pain in the eyeball.  It's not easy to get rid of and is in fact impossible to eliminate without destroying detail.  The FX Nikons are all satin by comparison, not to mention much better fine detail in the case of the D800.

Be as diplomatic as you like, by all means, but Nikon has been on a major roll these last few years and the other guys have not managed to keep up.  Great for us, too bad for them!

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