Should I buy a NEX?

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Re: Should I buy a NEX?

cwtbone wrote:

The lack of a viewfinder turned out to be one of the biggest turnoffs for my NEX. I bought the NEX-5 2.5 years ago before a trip to Disney, planning on using it as my "carry everywhere" camera.  The tilting LCD is a nice touch, but it turned out to be tough to use in sunlight.  The menu makes it annoying to switch the LCD between Sunny and Normal mode (and in Sunny mode, it's ok for composition, but looks awful).  Newer LCDs may be better.  I'm now using an RX100 as my carry everywhere camera and it lacks a tilting LCD and still isn't perfect, but is better.  I think, though, that with the RX100, I just accept that limitation in a pocket camera, whereas on the NEX, I wanted it to do most of what my DSLR can do.  If using NEX with a pancake lens as an oversized p&s, I'd be fine without the EVF, but otherwise, I'd want one.  I'd probably look to the '6' but an older model with an external EVF is interesting if affordable enough.

- Dennis

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