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sebboh wrote:

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SQLGuy wrote:

I like the Contax G 35/2 a lot, even though it is often considered to be be in the shadow of the other CG primes.

Same here.

I think that it is only because of the MTF chart, and the FL. The 28 is wider, and the 45 is narrower. On an APS-C sensor, the CG35 has little weaknesses.

The CG35 is the pre-runner of the Zeiss ZM 35/2.0, which has gotten many accolades, on both APS-C and FF.

Both the ZM35 and the CG35 should be placed high on anyone's list, with the CG35 being the better price/performance trade-off - plus it behaves 'better' on a Nex-7.

Both these two Zeiss lenses (ZM35 and CG35) render very sharp from edge to edge, even when used wide open, but like the Sigma 30 (S30), they produce non-attractive OOF rendering, which can be a bit harsh at times.

i have to disagree here having owned the g28, g35, and g45 and used them all on the NEX in addition to numerous other lenses. the g35 is noticeably weaker in real world usage and i certainly wouldn't call it sharp across the frame wide open.

That is because you used it on a Nex-7. On a Nex-5N/6 it behaves noticably better, below is at f/5.6 on a Nex-6:

G35 at f/5.6 on Nex-6 at 1/640s and ISO 100

i really felt it needed to be stopped down to f/8 or f/11 to get satisfying corners in landscape shooting. also, the modern zm 35mm lenses are totally different designs from the contax g 35/2 – more complicated biogons versus the rather simple planar design. i did really like the size, color, contrast, and bokeh at f/4 and smaller from the g35 though.

if i had to pick a favorite 35mm it'd be the c/y 35/1.4:

it's a little big on the NEX though so taking size into account maybe it would be the leica m lux pre-asph:

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