Should I buy a NEX?

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Re: Should I buy a NEX?

cwtbone wrote:

I have been shooting DSLRs for many years and I have been strongly considering getting a NEX for portability and casual family outings. I normally shoot wildlife, macros and landscapes. I have questions though about how easy it is to get good focus using just the LCD. The deal on the F3 at B&H right now is very tempting but I wonder if I would regret not moving up to the NEX 6 with the viewfinder. I shoot most of the time with a Sony A65 and though I can use the LCD to shoot I almost always use the EVF. What are do some of you experienced NEX shooters think?

It all depends on you - everyone's different as to how well they can get along without a viewfinder.  I can give you my own experience for whatever it's worth...

I bought into the NEX system with the NEX3, almost a year after it debuted, as a second body to my DSLR (A580)...I hadn't been interested in the NEX at all until the firmware updates that gave user customization to the controls.  While I enjoyed using the NEX3, it stayed a compact backup camera when I wanted to go small - maybe 10% of my shooting...I occasionally tried it for wildlife and birding, but it just wasn't as good for it, so my use was limited.  For landscape, travel, etc it was fine.  I really never thought about WHY I used it so little, except for birding and wildlife where I knew the lack of viewfinder was the biggest impact.

When the NEX-5N was announced, with the EVF option, I knew it was for me - and bought it practically the day it was available, WITH the EVF.  And it changed everything - the camera went from occasional backup use to nearly 50% of my shooting, including going into fair rotation for birding and wildlife even, especially in the hot summers where it's so much easier to carry along for 5-10 mile walks in 100 degrees than my DSLR and Minolta 300mm prime.  There are still some advantages to the DSLR which prevent me from replacing it altogether, but now I've got the NEX as a true second-body system, shooting both alongside the DSLR and in place of it, and splitting overall shooting duties nearly in half.  There's no way in the world that would have happened without an for me, it's pretty much a must-have.

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