Should I buy a NEX?

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Re: Should I buy a NEX?

JeffGo wrote:

In a word: yes. I moved from Canon DSLRs because I couldn't handle the weight.

I went with the NEX-7 and the finder was definitely on my must have list. If you go with one of the lower models and add the accessory EVF, you spend as much or more than the NEX-6.

That said, I find that I use the EVF less than I thought. But still wouldn't give it up.

The great thing is to have the flexibility.

You can use the EVF at eye level for shooting sports or wildlife, and you can use the LCD at waist level for street scenes and portraits, and you can use the LCD tilted right out for low level work with a tripod such as macros of bugs.

Likewise you can use a fully automatic zoom lens, or you can use a fully manual legacy prime (my favourite lens is a 1969 model 50mm f/2 Nikkor), or you can use a microscope, or an enlarger lens on a bellows. Just about anything works.

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