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Re: A few observations.

Richard the picture man wrote:

As someone who has derived enormous pleasure from photography and would wish the same pleasure to all newcomers, it saddens me that we photographers have allowed this situation to develop. Years ago we had the desire and discipline to learn  but not the superb equipment we have now. These days we have the super equipment but very few people with the desire and discipline to make the effort and learn.

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Why are you saddened?  What situation have you - as a photographer - allowed to develop?  You are blameless.  You didn't cause this situation.

People buy cameras and lenses and gear.  They take pictures.  Some stick with taking pictures.  Some move on to other hobbies.  It's no big deal.  It has been like that since you could buy cameras.  "Back in the day" people spent their money on cheap Brownie cameras (followed by Polaroid cameras).  Now they buy a Rebel.  (Not that a Rebel is a cheap camera.  It is just cheaper than a 5DIII.)  In fact I'm glad that there are people out there buying cameras.  The more the merrier.   It keeps the camera companies in business.

I do agree that people in this day and age aren't going to take much time to learn a craft.  I can't do anything about that.  Maybe they will continue to take pictures and get better.  If not they move on to something else.  (I smile when people complain that a camera does not have enough or fast enough focus points.  I had to manually focus my Nikon FM and I still got pictures of an airplane in flight or my son playing soccer.)

I also agree with you that there are people on this forum giving poor advice but that happens on any forum.  The bad advice givers generally get weeded out or called out.  That's the way forums work.

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