Nikon AF-S 85mm f/1.4 lens not so hot.

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Re: Nikon AF-S 85mm f/1.4 lens not so hot.

MisterHairy wrote:

Oh Lance, Lance

Calm down.

Calm down? I'm as calm as can be. Don't try to enflate the situation to make yourself look good.

You haven't shown any such thing. You have parroted some figures from a website.

LOL. You shouldn't get so upset when you are shown to be wrong. Maybe they made it all up as did DXO Mark. These are actual figures that are real, not some wild claim made by someone without any evidence.

I am talking from actual experience in using both lenses.

Now who needs to calm down?

Anyway, what you have stated flies in the face of all other evidence. They are both very similar, not one "slays" the other.

If all one needs to do in order to prove a point is regurgitate some web content, how about I see your photozone reference and raise it by a couple of others:

Yes, Cameralabs gives both the 85 f1.8G and the 85 f1.4G a Highly Recommended monicker. Which is what I have been saying all along, not that one "slays" the other.

These two mirror what Photozone's results are and exactly what I have been saying.

The ephotozine links may be of particular interest to you. They reflect my own experience. Maybe you have a reason to trust photozone more, but we normally see people decrying their results on here.

Not at all. Ephotozone's results are actually similar to those of Photozone, if you care to look. If you want to be pedantic you said the CA was worse on the 85 f1.4 and yet Ephotozone shows it to be better than the 85 f1.8!

Click on the relevent resolution graphs and open them up seperately and then click on them alternately and you will see the overlay of the 85 1.4G is mostly better than that of the 85 f1.8G. However, I think they close enough to make it almost irrelevent, one does not slay the other.

The 1.4 lens may be a little sharper in the far corners, but since I'm never going to place the subject in one of those corners, that's pretty irrelevant, I'd say. I suspect that a lot of other portrait shooters would say the same thing, don't you?

Funny, so many bemoaned the previous 85 f1.4D for it's soft corners and now everyone praises the 85 f1.4G for it's excellent corners. Now you want to make justification for your beloved 85 f1.8G by saying it is irrelevent to have such good corners. Dear oh dear.

I'm happy that you love your 1.4 lens so much that you will leap to its defense with such vim and vigour, but you really don't need to; it's your right and choice to own whatever bits of kit you like. So long as it's the best for you, then that's all that matters. Have you ever tried the 1.8G lens though?

The fact of the matter is, and I will show you agin as it seems you are a little slow on the uptake, you stated: "Sharpness is a no-brainer. The cheaper lens simply slays the 1.4 all the way up to f/5.6 or 8. It's not even close for the first couple of stops."

That is plainly not true.

I have not made any outlandish claims like yours above and have shown a test report that states otherwise.That is what I am saying. You are still trying to make out that the 85 1.8 slays the 85 1.4. According to your way of thinking, I would be more justifed in saying the 85 f1.4 slays the 85 f1.8.

Lance B wrote: "I have shown that that is just simply not true, actually showing that the 85 f.4 beats the 85 f1.8 in just about all respects as far as resolution is concerned according to Photozone's test"

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