A few observations.

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Re: A few observations.

Richard,  Yes.. many consumers seem to believe there are only two brands of cameras worthy of owning, mainly because Canon and Nikon tend to be the only companies who run ads for camera gear on television.  Of course they also see "Pros" using such gear.  Advertising does work, especially on those who don't know how to do their own research, know their needs and what gear will fill those needs.

I used Canon for over 12 years (DSLRs) and switched to Pentax about two years ago.. I was tired of the bulk and weight of the 5D/5DII and the associated L glass.  I wanted something smaller and weather-sealed.

Some consumers (note I said consumers, not photographers) do equate money spent with the quality of the photos produced and in a sense there is a bit of truth... let's face it, L Glass is better than a kit lens and a 5D MKII will produce a better file than one of Canon's compact cameras.

I use multiple cameras:  GF1, GH2, Fuji X-Pro1 and the Pentax K5 IIs... some of the shots taken with the little GF1 are my favorites.  Why multiple cameras?  Well I don't like being tied to one system and I sometimes like to travel very light.  Each camera has it's own merits and shortcomings.  Do I miss the full frame of my Canon 5DII?  Every now and then but not enough to lure me back.  The K5IIs and the lenses I use with it are a fraction of the cost, a fraction of the weight and produce images that are pleasing to me and to my eye, just as good (and sometimes better) than what I was getting from my Canon gear.

The real truth about better photography is that many people spend money on gear rather than spending time on honing their skills, learning to read the light and developing their post-processing skills.  I have photos taken with the little Panasonic GF1 that look better than some taken with my old 5D.  Will a huge print from the GF1 look as good as one from the 5D?  Probably not but unless you are always printing large to very large photos a camera like the GF1 or the Fuji X100 will serve you well.

When you get to sports and action photography you enter another area.. Canon and Nikon are pretty much the weapons of choice there... and I mean the higher end stuff.

I get emails all the time from people visiting my website wanting to know my suggestion on a camera purchase.. I hardly ever suggest anything because I have no idea what their skill levels are in photography.  We've all seen people with top of the line gear who can't produce a good photo and then we see some guy using a Lomo produce an image that blows us away.  It's the photographer, not the gear.

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The ability to 'see' the shot is more important than the gear used to capture it.

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