Firmware upgrade causes AF slow down on 18-55!

Started May 23, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Re: Firmware upgrade causes AF slow down on 18-55!

baobob wrote:

Not really

My 18-55mm is desperately slow at 55mm dim light and often does not lock but FW upgrade didn(t change that

In normal light the 18-55mm has always been really slower than others 18 and 35mm and is still slower It's not my copy because at my dealer when i bought it I notices that too

The 60mm in dim light is faster and also locks anyway even if very very slow, very few misses

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Hey Baobob, are you sure your 18-55 is working properly? The linear motor should make it focus faster than the primes. My 18-55 is considerably faster than my 35mm (in any lighting conditions). It's locking on in a fraction of a second.

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