Nikon AF-S 85mm f/1.4 lens not so hot.

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Re: Nikon AF-S 85mm f/1.4 lens not so hot.

MisterHairy wrote:

It's funny to see comments like mine bring out the anxiety attacks in the easily undermined. The insecure owners of the more expensive kit who need to reassure themselves that they have spent their money wisely.

In other words, you just doidn't want to be called into question about your wild claim.

The typical response from someone who makes an outlandish claim without proof and their pontifications fly in the face of test reports. See below.

To the gentleman who was kind enough to point me in the direction of the various sources of test data on the web ( et al), perhaps you might like to sharpen up on your reading skills, my friend. All of the test data out there supports my claim that at wider apertures, the 1.8 lens is sharper. Much so for the first stop or so. Above f/5.6 or so, the 1.4 lens may be marginally sharper, but I doubt that many eyes could discriminate between the two. Especially in a print (you know, those things that you sell to clients).

Maybe you need to reacquaint yourself with what you said:

"Sharpness is a no-brainer. The cheaper lens simply slays the 1.4 all the way up to f/5.6 or 8. It's not even close for the first couple of stops."

Slays the 85 f1.4 all the way up to f5.6? You must be blind or have a completely different idea of what slays means. From Photozone's results:

85mm f1.8 @ f1.8 centre = 3554

85mm f1.4 @ f2 centre = 3586

85mm f1.8 @ f2.8 centre = 3821

85mm f1.4 @ f2.8 centre = 3787

85mm f1.8 @ f4 centre = 3872

85mm f1.4 @ f4 centre = 4016

85mm f1.8 @ f5.6 centre = 3842

85mm f1.4 @ f5.6 centre = 3989

The centre resolution figures seem to indicate the 85mm f1.4 beats, the 85 f1.8 in all but one aperture. Hmm, slays the 85 f1.4? I think not.

Lets look at "Border" performance from Photozone:

85mm f1.8 @ f1.8 border = 3298

85mm f1.4 @ f2 border = 3192

85mm f1.8 @ f2.8 border = 3423

85mm f1.4 @ f2.8 border = 3445

85mm f1.8 @ f4 border = 3520

85mm f1.4 @ f4 border = 3812

85mm f1.8 @ f5.6 border = 3570

85mm f1.4 @ f5.6 border = 3839

Again, the border performance of the 85 f1.4 beats the f1.8 vesrion in each but one aperture. Slays the f1.4? Not even close.

Let's look at "Extreme" performance from Photozone:

85mm f1.8 @ f1.8 extreme = 3246

85mm f1.4 @ f2 extreme = 3156

85mm f1.8 @ f2.8 extreme = 3339

85mm f1.4 @ f2.8 extreme = 3388

85mm f1.8 @ f4 extreme = 3396

85mm f1.4 @ f4 extreme = 3766

85mm f1.8 @ f5.6 extreme = 3507

85mm f1.4 @ f5.6 extreme = 3797

Again, the extreme performance of the 85 f1.4 beats the f1.8 vesrion in each but one aperture. Slays the f1.4? Again, not even close.

Clearly, my opinion is based around my own usage patterns and personal bias. I appreciate that, but I think that folks who respond by calling my observations "garbage" are revealing rather more fragility and immaturity than they might like.

Our immaturity? You mean like starting an attention grabbing thread like a child yelling "look at me mom" and using wild claims of the 85 f1.8 slaying the 85 f1.4 when it is plainly not so and having no evidence to back it up. Hmmm.

I am sorry that you feel threatened by my actual observations based on actual use of the actual gear in question. Maybe you're using a lesser camera, which is masking the inadequacies when you sit at your screen, peeping away.

It would be nice to just have a little truth in what you say rather than wild outlandish claims with no basis in fact. You did state 85 f1.8 "slays the f1.4 in every aperture from wide open to f5.6" and I have shown that that is just simply not true, actually showing that the 85 f.4 beats the 85 f1.8 in just about all respects as far as resolution is concerned according to Photozone's test. I have no beef against the 85 f1.8, it is a superb lens, a real gem in fact and brilliant value for money. The fact is, if anything, anyone would have had more credence to write a a post claiming the 85 f1.4 was better than the 85 f1.8 but I see no-one making such silly claims such as "slaying the 85mm f1.8" or any such nonsense. I would actually say that they are very close as far as that is concerned without a clear winner.

I am busy, but I will see if I can muster an hour or so to provide some side by side examples (yes, yes; on a tripod, using live view, 3s delay etc. etc.) at a coulple of focal distances and a range of apertures to back these assertions up, since I realise that words alone provide no opportunity to berate my focusing skills.

I look forward to being told that I must have swapped the exif (IF [and it's a big IF] I can work out how to upload images to this site).

Oh, please.

Got cramp from typing now.

Are you sure it's from typing?

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