Did Nikon screw up?

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As someone who owns both the 5D3 and D800, I'd say no

jacobwhite wrote:

Is it worth doing the switch and spending at least 10000 on camera and glass?

Depends on what you want to shoot, but both can pretty much do the sames things very very well.

Nikon seemed to be getting it right with the d700/d3 duo - but now I'm not so sure...

The D80 and D4 is a brilliant cameras.  They had wobbly roll outs, but perform superbly.

I'm thinking long term and it seems that Canon has been more reliable for professional needs over all...

Depends on who you ask and what they are shooting.  You won't find too many studio and landscape photographers complaining about the D800.

As a D700 user requiring an update, I somehow feel screwed...

That's understandable to some degree.  The D800 is not D700 replacement, but it is a much better camera nonetheless.

1. Switch to Canon and buy a 5DIII (too expensive to switch; what to do with all that glass)?

Again, what do you hope to gain buy doing so?

2. Buy a D800 - from what I can see it seems that compared to the 5D, the D800 seems comparable on paper - but unless I'm totally wrong it seems in reality its auto-focusing is slower, file sizes annoyingly huge at lesser image quality, in particular colours and noise, and slower.

You are wrong.

1. The AF on the D800 is very close to the 5D3, especially since the firmware upgrade.

2. The D800 image quality is superior to the 5D3, no question. When I open D800 files, I always have a sense of satisfaction and excitement (provided exposure and AF are right).  The 5D3 files are not nearly as exciting.  The DR difference is immediately obvious.  You can be 2 stops off with the D800 and easily produce a file that looks like it was nailed.   The 5D3 doesn't allow that much latitude.

3. The D800 requires a much steadier hand and more care with AF and shutter speed.

4. The OCC JPEGs from the 5D3 are excellent, but I also like the JPEGs from the D800 with the vivid profile.

5. ISO wise, there is very little between them.  The 5D3 is slightly better but I have no issue with shooting at ISO 12,800 on either camera - no shot at this ISO is going to be printed large.

6. In terms of file size, the main advantage of the 5D3 is SRAW.

Somehow the D800 is a lesser camera than the D700 - as a D700 shooter I find myself stuck with unpleasing choices

Not at all.  The D800 is more camera than the D700 in every way.  I love both the D800 and 5D3, but both are a compromise.  The 5D3 would be a perfect successor to the D700 - which is why I am so furious that Nikon refuse to release a D800 body with a D600 sensor - but the D800 continues to amaze me.

What attracts me most about Canon is the lenses.

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