Blown out tulips

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Re: Blown out tulips

Hi I thought this old post from another part of the site might be of interest. (Found via Google)

Taking the discussion here a little further clearly the weighting of the 3 separate colors in the Histogram are no better than in a 'standard bayer camera' though I guess we don't actually know how much 'red' contribute luminosity wise to the global lumo histogram for the X-Trans models and I guess also it may be different between models(?), but it were assumed that the weighting is based on amount of pixels the Xtrans sensor has fewer red/blue pixels to influence the luminosty reading.  Combine that for the possibility of NIR pollution in the red channel (the X-pro can after all take quite good IR pictures) then it would be very difficult to meter red flowers either here as part of a larger "green" landscape or as a main subject under conditions where they are strongly reflecting = bright natural white light.  You have to asume actually (as said in the post above) that the sensor sees bright reds are a 'highlight' and thats not how we naturally percieve them. Color detail in the reds (and blue channel) is harder for the Xtrans to show anyway (due to fewer pixels).

Just my 2 pennies worth . .

Cheers, Mark

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