Focusing screen not square (450d/XSi)

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Re: Focusing screen not square (450d/XSi)

WilbaW wrote:

AnthonyL wrote:

WilbaW wrote:

It's easy to remove and replace the focus screen in a 450D if you know what you're doing, but yeah, daunting the first time and easy to mess up. 

I don't know if replacing would make a difference, I was hoping to rotate.

Just in case we're misunderstanding each other, when I said replace I meant put it back in again to see if seated better, I didn't mean put in a replacement.

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Do you have the full URL for the RebelFAQ site - Firefox is warning me against going to that URL, presumably because snipurl has been used for linking to some dodgy sites?

Ow, first time I've seen that. Thanks for letting me know. I can't tell whether it's a problem with snipurl itself or some sites you get to via its redirection. I'd better use the direct link in my sig for a while.

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Check out the unofficial Rebel Talk FAQ -

The same for Chrome. MSIE10 doesn't report it, nor my Trendmicro.

Seems, that* had been blacklisted (finally), as bad guys use it to hide original addresses containing malware. (Most popular attacks now are via browser (and non-patched Adobe Reader), no-one is so stupid to click the readme.txt.exe in e-mail attachement anymore)

No wonder, that Twitter for one uses his own shortener.

It has obviously nothing to do with your particular link. I think, the original link name is fine, anyway.


Man, snipurl must be really infamous now, try this

bit DOT ly/187CZAI

(= This thread URL  shortened by snipurl shortened by bit ly)

2nd EDIT

ROTFL .... dpreview bans bit ly  , they know the things

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