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Re: I like more Flek

John Knuhtsen wrote:

Thank you guys for responses and ideas. I have to try some more with these two lenses. I tried the Flek at nearly minimum distance on some flowers, but I did not succeed with something usable. It surprised me how short the DOF are, so almost nothing was sharp, even at F/5.6. And I like more pictures of people.

I cannot afford a summicron or elmarit this year. Maybe a distagon is more cost effective, but how much better than my Flek ?

Which Distagon? I mentioned (relatively) cheap Contarex 35 f4, but there is exclusive 35 f2, Than C/Y versions as well as modern 35 f2 and f1.4, Rollei and probably many other.

And then, what means better

I can say, that after playing with over thirty 35mm FOV lenses on my NEXes, Zeiss Distagon T* 35mm f2 ZE (with Metabones Smart (not SB) adapter) is the sharpest 35mm lens across the frame that I own. But it is big, heavy and rather expensive.

It's faster brother 35 f1.4 has beautiful (for standard 35mm) short distance blur, but it is not overall sharper, just faster. (my samples, my test etc...)

New Sigma 35 f1.4 Art is even sharper, but I sold my copy because of rather harsh bokeh.

Mir seems to be interesting for me to try. I have a jupiter 3 (m39), and just ordered an old zorki 1 from Skt. Petersburg to put beside my leica 3c.

You might find some Leitz R lenses (I have Elmarit 35 f2.8) for rather solid price (even if it seems they all went crazy those days), but beside great build quality, you would probably not get top MTF figures or so...

I have Jupiter too, but not Mir 24M (because I can't find one for 100 USD in a good condition, which would be reasonable price for me). I would rather gowith Kiev than Zorki, but just my preference....

Anyway, it all depends... there is no best lens, like there is no best painting brush or sculpture material. But it is great fun to try them all...

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