Did Nikon screw up?

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Re: Did Nikon screw up?

jacobwhite wrote:

Is it worth doing the switch and spending at least 10000 on camera and glass? Nikon seemed to be getting it right with the d700/d3 duo - but now I'm not so sure...

I'm thinking long term and it seems that Canon has been more reliable for professional needs over all...

Am I the only one feeling this way?
Am I wrong?

As a D700 user requiring an update, I somehow feel screwed...

1. Switch to Canon and buy a 5DIII (too expensive to switch; what to do with all that glass)? 
2. Buy a D800 - from what I can see it seems that compared to the 5D, the D800 seems comparable on paper - but unless I'm totally wrong it seems in reality its auto-focusing is slower, file sizes annoyingly huge at lesser image quality, in particular colours and noise, and slower.
3. Buy a D600, which is a step backwards in most things except the sensor, and size. It could almost work, if it wasn't for the ridiculous AF area - all crammed in the middle, whaaaat??? And its AF speed is sloooow!
4. Buy a D4, which is heavier, bulkier, and too expensive. I'd go for this option if it wasn't so bulky, if at least I could get it without the battery grip - I never got the use of the battery grip. Changing a battery isn't that much of a problem that it would mean that the grip absolutely needs to be built-in!

Somehow the D800 is a lesser camera than the D700 - as a D700 shooter I find myself stuck with unpleasing choices

Come on, there are no unpleasing choices and whatever you elect to shoot, it will be a remarkable upgrade from you existing body.  Whether you need, or will profit from the upgrade remains to be seen, but technology marches on, irrespective of the platform you decide to build your system around.

Personal agenda's aside, no one who has spend any demonstrable time with the D800 files is even considering it disappointment.  With the generational leap forward in sensor performance, there is a growing chiasm in Nikon's relative sensor performance capability.  I shoot my neighbor's MKIII all the time and it is a great camera, it handles well and leave little to be desired, but it is not comparable to the D800 for me.  What is most challenging to grasp is that you could have the same shooting experiences as I have had and come to the opposite conclusion.

Even if these two bodies are marketed at a similar price point, they are targeted at an entirely different type of shooter.  Either is capable in most circumstances and sometimes one is preferable to the other, but white paper aside, after taking the time to carefully inspect the output of each, the differences in sensor capabilities and image manipulation capacity was stark and evident with even a cursory analysis, I was astounded at the generational advantage the Nikon's sensor has over Canon's present offerings.  Canon is just not comparable in this regard for me.  This does not denigrate Canon or attempt to claim that its cameras are not supremely capable, they are.

I don't have any desire to persuade you into even considering Nikon as a viable alternative for your shooting requirements.  I profit nothing by opposing your apparent agenda to denigrate the Nikon offerings and honestly, if you shoot Canon, you will never appreciate the differences and remain blissfully ignorant of what 4 years of technological improvements can have on the capabilities of the newest Nikon sensors - those advancements my provide you with little or no utility, anyway, but for me (again) the advantages of the Nikon could not be ignored (even if the price points were not similar).

There is far too much meaningless acrimony and discord already in these forums.   To be perpetually mired in the minutia of these petty disputes does little to elevate the discourse.  To the contrary, such exchanges have little intrinsic value other than to reinforce spurious declarations and attempt to stifle those who fail to adhere to "truths," that we accept as being so self evident, that they are beyond reasonable dispute.

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