LX3 Optimal RAW Processing: High Resolution

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LX3 Optimal RAW Processing: Purple Fringing

Next let’s look at purple fringing which is a natural lens aberration for the LX3 like many cameras.  Have a look at this 200% comparison view of the building edge, extreme right.  The more purple you see the worse the image quality is.

From worst to best this is how they line up in my opinion…

UFR:  Lots of purple fringing and noise in the clouds again to boot.

ACR:  Almost as much purple fringing as UFR but at least there is an option to remove it within ACR.  I personally choose not to enable this setting because turning it on desaturates fine color detail globally in the image.  I find it is better to treat purple fringing locally in the image with Photoshop.  What you see here is the fringing uncorrected in ACR.

DxO:  Good purple defringing.  Some sharpening halos around building edges again, though.

SPP:  Clearly the best defringing output and nice preservation of the underlying natural color.  Slikypix clearly got the LX3’s secret lens correction sauce from Panasonic and here is where it shows.

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