LX3 Optimal RAW Processing: High Resolution

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LX3 Optimal RAW Processing: False Color Artifacts

Next let’s look at the false color produced by demosiacing.  Have a look at this 200% comparison view of the green shed in the upper left.  We want as little false color in the screened windows as possible.

From worst to best this is how they line up in my opinion…

UFR:  Lots of false color combined with some disrupted structure in the screen.

ACR:  Some false color but at least the screens look correct.

DxO:  Slightly less false color than ACR but perhaps due to significant fine color desaturation.

SPP:  Clearly the best at minimizing false color and perhaps due to a softer demosaicing engine more attuned to small Panasonic sensors.  The penalty of course is significant image blur and there is fine color desaturation as well.

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