LX3 Optimal RAW Processing: High Resolution

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LX3 Optimal RAW Processing: Preserving Color Tonality

Next let’s look at fine color tonality and especially in foliage.  Have a look at this 200% comparison view of the flowers & foliage on the far bank on the right side.  We are looking to see how many shades of green and brown the RAW conversion retained in the foliage and also how well the pixel level colors of the yellow flowers are preserved.  Higher tonal variation is more natural looking and helps maintain a 3D look in the image.

Be sure to view at 100% for best comparison

From worst to best this is how they line up in my opinion…

SPP:  For foliage at least clearly the least fine color saturation of all the convertors as evident in the desaturated yellow flowers and a greatly compressed tonality in the trees.  I can only see one shade of brown in foliage, perhaps two or three distinguishable shades of green.

DxO:  Slightly better preservation of the flowers and some improvement in tonal variation but still only three browns and perhaps four to five shades of green in the foliage.

UFR:  Perhaps the highest tonal variation of all the convertors, but that due in part to some false color (blue pixels in the trees, for example).  A very artificial presentation of the yellow flowers.

ACR:  The best at balancing both high tonal variation and natural presentation of flowers and trees.

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