Can't get over D200

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Re: Can't get over D200

mistermejia wrote:

Thank you for posting this thread!  I honestly don't know why, but for some reason i just keep being attracted to all these older cameras, specially the CCD sensors.  Yes, the newer cameras are fantastic for low light high ISO shooting and also for high resolution, but there is just something missing, maybe i am just weird, i am mainly more picky on the skin tones because all i shoot is people not birds, in fact there is a thread going on on the D7100 about skin tones, some say the D7100 has "improved", but some of the photos i have seen under certain conditons the skin tones look like fake pink cotton candy, YIKES!!  Perhaphs like some say, the user probably doesn't have it set up properly.  I actually sold my D7000 because i wasn't too crazy about the skin tones specially tanish tones.  Don't get me wrong, you CAN get very good and "accurate" skin tones results with the newer cameras, but you have to be extremely careful  how you have it set up and you HAVE to nail exposure perfectly in order to see good skin tone results, either that or do heavy PP after.  I sold my D7000 for a Fuji S5 PRO and i like it A LOT more than the D7000.

Whatever the case is, these older cameras are great and i will probably buy either a D90 or another D200 which i actually had and sold about five years ago.  I truly have better lenses now like the Rokinon 85 1.4 and the Nikon 17-55 and i am thinking now that i can truly suck the real juice out any of these 12MP cameras and come up with awesome results.  The D200 is a GREAT camera indeed

Felt the same way about my D2X after I sold it. Missed it so bad I bought another with 4K clicks and less money. Paid 500 GBP for camera that cost 3K GBP originally.

D2X has a CMOS sensor so that can't be the common denominator, but your description regarding skin tones apllies equally. I owned both D200 and D2X at one time and could only tell the files apart by their names.

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