Where can I find 17" x 22" Picture Frames online ?

Started May 23, 2013 | Questions thread
OP LDHflyguy Junior Member • Posts: 32
Re: If I may ask…

Mark Scott Abeln wrote:

LDHflyguy wrote:

I've spent hours searching the internet for inexpensive 17 x 22 picture frames.

I don't want anthing fancy.  I just want to display some of my pictures around the house and

change the pictures in and out of the frames occasionally.

Most of my searchs result in lots of different frames and sizes, but almost no 17 x 22s.  

Please give me some links to websites that actually handle 17 x 22s.

I’ve never seen a 17 x 22 inch frame prebuilt. The only standard frame size with that aspect ratio is 8.5x11 inches.

If I might ask, what aspect ratio images are you going to put in the frame? I am not at all familiar with any camera that produces images in that ratio, although a 1 inch matte would fit a 4:3 aspect ratio image.

My Epson Stylus Pro 3800 prints up to 17 x 22.  Epson sells a variety of papers in that size; and, I like cropping my pictures to those dimensions.  If I could afford a bigger printer and the ink and papers to go with it, I would print even bigger.  So far I've been using glue sticks to attach my prints to foam board.

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