D600 - Worst case scenario?

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Re: D600 - Worst case scenario?

I just went through a similar situation, purchasing a new D600 last week. Within 20 shots it was gathering spots, including one very dark one on the lower frame. My local camera shop was aware of the problem, and swapped it out. 2nd copy, same thing very early on, so back it went too. Now on my 3rd copy and so far so good but if it develops dust I'll just deal with it as others described. By nearly all accounts, it abates after 1000-1500 shots. The RAW IQ is just astonishing, so even though it may be a pain to deal with at first, I hope to get a long life of amazing shots out of it. I'd recommend buying from a reputable, preferably local, dealer.

Although since you're worried about the dust, and interested in telephoto, have you considered the D7100? It hasn't had any (that I've heard of anyway) quality issues, and will give you more on the long end because of the crop.

As for lenses, I first tried the 70-200 f/4, but downgraded to the 70-300 because they were having a bundle deal with the D600 body. After comparing the photos from each at 100%, the 70-200 was much better and I may eventually buy it and sell the other. For all the good reviews I'd read about the 70-300, I'm kind of disappointed by it's performance. Unfortunately Nikon doesn't have a lot of other great (inexpensive) tele options. If you got the 7100 perhaps the 55-200 which is cheap and decently reviewed.

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