Best 30-35mm (50mm Equivalent) F1.0 or faster lens??

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Rob Sims
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Re: Best 30-35mm (50mm Equivalent) F1.0 or faster lens??

npires wrote:

What speed would a 58mm F1.2 become with a speedbooster?

The speedbooster's and their clones generally use a 0.72x.magnifier so...

Focal range: The 58mm would become 43mm, but with the 1.5x APS crop ends up back at 63mm equiv.

Light gathering: The F1.2 becomes F0.86 (yay!).

DOF wise: The lens give the same DoF as a F1.3 on Full Frame (because you have to take the 1.5x APS crop back into account).

My Nikon F-mount --> Sony E-mount lens turbo is currently on route from HK, can't wait to get it into my hands!

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