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Re: Size vs. resolution

I add the ratio 16:10 is closer to still images we would like to watch on the monitor so that the image can be seen at a considerably larger scale. I noticed if all other factors being equal (image quality, sharpness, color rendition, contrast, etc.) the larger the screen, the more spectacular a good image would look like. It look more live and real when it is displayed in larger scale. It's like print sizes: you can watch your images on a small print or large print but the large one will be more impressive. It's the way an image affects me which is be a personal preference. As far as I know, 30" is currently the largest affordable monitor in the market with just adequate resolution. Any lower resolution will render the image noticeably softer hence ruin the quality of visual experience. I would certainly avoid a 1080P 27" display.

One additional note: If you don't need wide gamut (Adobe RGB) or don't use it, you will probably be equally please with the less expensive 2713hm. It still covers %99 of sRGB. It sometimes goes on sale for $600.

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