NEX-6 and focusing on toddler??

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Re: NEX-6 and focusing on toddler??

this is what i've done for my two year olds:

- shoot in shutter priority mode, with shutter speed no slower than 1/80s (depending on how active exactly the kids are being).

- use a sigma 19mm or 30mm f 2.8 while indoors, as the large aperture and fast auto-focus are good qualities for what you're trying to achieve. the lack of zoom/range is negated by the fact that my kids' play area is small enough that a prime lens works fine.

- note, sometimes in shutter priority mode, even with a f 2.8 lens, the camera body will default to a smaller aperture like f 4, so in these instances you can switch to manual (shutter 1/80 or 1/100s, aperture 2.8, and set the ISO as needed for exposure)

- turn off face priority and AF illuminator

- use center focus

- you can use a flash if you'd like, but i've found that with the above tips, as long as you have some reasonable level of ambient light available, you won't need a flash in most circumstances. if you must, i've used the HVL-F20AM external flash with ADP-MAA hot shoe adapter with good results.

this is what i would not do:

- don't get the sel50f1.8 for this purpose -- it's too long indoors, and even worse, WAY to slow with auto-focus for toddlers

- don't get a DSLR -- no offense, but it seems you don't understand enough about exposure and the interplay between aperture / shutter speed / ISO to have the camera body make enough of a difference. i switched from a canon 7d to the nex6, and while the auto-focus IS noticeably slower on the nex6, it's not a dealbreaker. what the dealbreaker was, in terms of bringing a camera around everywhere to take pictures of family, was the size of the DSLR.

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