Canon PIXMA PRO-100 Inkjet printer any good?

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Re: Just got mine yesterday

Travis wrote:

jrkliny wrote:

The "fully charged" cartridges only hold 14 ml (less than half an ounce) of ink.

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Jim, aka camperjim.

Granted, but that wasn't the question.  If you're getting 14 ml of ink in each cart that comes with the printer, and a set of replacement ink carts are also 14 ml each, then it's more reasonable just to buy another printer right now ($89 after MIR) than ordering a new set of ink carts ($120).  Plus you get another pack of 13x19 paper and.... another printer!  It's a no-brainer, aside from the space issue (where to put the backup printer, LOL).


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Or in my case, where to put the backup printers!  I'll have three of them.  

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