NEX-6 and focusing on toddler??

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Re: NEX-6 and focusing on toddler??

Jonn Quest wrote:

I've been trying to get pictures of my 1.5 year old nephew with my NEX-6 and Kit 16-50PZ lens.  Indoors the shots are coming out really soft, nearly out of focus.  Outside they are fine.

I checked the data on the photos and inside, without flash, using P mode, I'm at ISO2500-3200 aperature usually around 4.5 and shutter speed at 1/60.

What mode should I be using so I get in focus shots?  Should I just forget the notion of no flash and use the flash in bounce mode?  Please advise as I'm ready to sell the camera and buy a small DSLR so I don't have to fight so much.  I'm sure it's something I'm doing wrong though.......


Your nex is fine for the job - no need to ditch it for a DSLR. You just need more light hitting the sensor. Flash, brighter room lighting, faster lens. Any or all of those will solve the problem.

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