Off-brand battery chargers for the LI90: any problems?

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Henry Falkner
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Off-Brand Charging my Li-50Bs

I bought a mains plug-pack with two USB sockets, and began charging my SZ-30MR as well as my Li-50c (external battery holder permitting charging) from that. I also charged from a USB hub rated at 4 Amp.

With the batteries charged with both the devices above, sometimes the camera would not turn on. Occasionally the camera screen displayed a message saying the camera had overheated and was cooling down.

On the Open Forum I was told that Li-ions have an internal cut-out that operates when overcharging takes place.

It appears that with normal charging, the camera (or the Li-50c) tells the black thingy that plugs into the mains to switch off when the light goes off. With off-brand charging (ie my USB hub and the 2-port plug pack) nothing gets turned off, so over-charging takes place until the battery cuts out to prevent overheating.

Since the Li-90 is basically a higher-rated Li-50, the same may apply.

The work-around is - when the camera light goes out disconnect the off-brand charger. This does add the inconvenience that the charging must be supervised.

I have gone back to using the square black thingies supplied with the cameras as well as the Li-50c, since I do not usually supervise the charging. I no longer experience that the camera will not turn on with a newly charged battery.


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