MacBook Air and Lightroom 4

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Re: MacBook Air and Lightroom 4

Hey Folks

Reactivating this thread.  Interest in an MBA as well for travel purposes.  I hate getting home from trips and having a mountain of files to sort through and cull, catalogue, add metadata, create collections and so forth.  Given that I'll be leaving the heavy lifting of development until I get home how will the latest MBA's fare?  I'm considering the 11" with 128GB SSD (outboard drives for storage and backup), 8GB of RAM.  I'm sticking with the standard 1.7GHz i5 processor rather than the 2.0GHz i7 as price is already getting silly for the limited use it will see.

Will this be sufficient for primarily editing (ie. taking out the trash, adding metadata and keywords, creating catalogues) rather than developing?  I will be using a D800.

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