Beginner user - Lumix GX1 or Sony RX100/Canon S110/Lumix LX7

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Re: Beginner user - Lumix GX1 or Sony RX100/Canon S110/Lumix LX7

globetrotter90 wrote:

Just some background - I am very new to photography and have some interest in getting to know more BUT not too interested in getting involved with switching lens/investing too much time. I would like to learn basics (shutter, aperture, etc) but for now, I'm mainly on auto mode. I LOVE the quality of DSLR pictures and while I know there is much manual control, I still find myself extremely drawn it - except the size. I mostly use my camera when traveling so portability is very important to me (especially since I tend to backpack). I used to have a Canon SX210hs but the image quality just wasn't doing it for me - plus I don't really care for such a high zoom.

I recently purchased a Lumix GX1 for a wonderful price ($350) but I do find it fairly complicated and am not sure if this would be a great camera to start with as a beginner. Image quality is incredible but I am also concerned with it's portability. After doing more research, I'm contemplating if whether an advanced point and shoot camera is right for a novice like me. I was able to get my hands on a Sony RX100 and wow, I was extremely impressed. Of course, there is a hefty price that goes with it.. so I'm considering a Canon S110/Lumix LX7.

Do you think I should just keep the Lumix GX1 or go for something more portable/less advanced and settle for an advanced point and shoot?

I appreciate any feedback/advice. Thanks so much!

If you drive the GX1 in 'auto' mode and don't change lenses it's as much of a point and shoot as any other camera. If you find the GX1 too big, it's too big. The s110 or LX7 will give you good image quality in ideal circumstances, but will not keep up with the GX1 in low light. Nor will they keep up with fast action situations as well as the GX1.

It all depends on your preferences.

If size were critical I'd buy an RX100.

If not, I'd keep the GX1.

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