Performance 5D2 and 24-105mm/4.5 L

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Re: Performance 5D2 and 24-105mm/4.5 L

RuudLeeuw wrote:

I actually sharpen in stages, downsizing in a script and each time sharpening a little. Even then I have to sharpen it yet again once or twice when I get down to the 855 pixel wide image.

That sounds pretty complicated. I'd suggest you to give LR4 a try by downloading the trial version. I use LR4 by default which has easier interface from my perspective, and of course a database that you can find photos based on all key words' tags and meta data (any combination such as all photos from 70-200L/4.0 IS taken by 5D2 and in portrait and landscape...) so easily among 50K photos for example. I only use CS6 for retouching and still will check back into LR4 database. LR4 has two levels of sharpening - RAW level in Develop module, and in Export (screen or print) that similar to DPP Raw and JPEG sharpening levels. LR4 also supports batch processing naturally and easier.

Nevertheless 24-105L on all 5D series cameras is sharp. Do you use DPP that you should see? LR4 sharpening is only better with lots more other features.

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