Rather poor resolution of Fuji?

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Re: Rather poor resolution of Fuji?

cptrios wrote:

Well, as others have said, we have really yet to see the full detail potential of the X-Trans sensors, and likely won't for a little while as the software companies continue to improve their handling of the RAW files. I will say that LR, while handling noise very well, is noticeably worse at displaying fine detail from the X cameras than its competitors. Aperture, I think, is the best on that front.

One very important thing to think about, considering the fact that you definitely seem to be a zoom guy and a pixel-peeper (I use that second term without malice - I'm one too!), is the availability of standard zooms in the mirrorless world. While the NEX-7 is the current MILC champion of detail, and the NEX-6 makes up for its smaller resolution with slightly better high ISO performance and better handling of UWA lenses - the Sony standard zooms are mediocre kit lenses, and they behave that way. Most of the m4/3 standard zooms are similarly mediocre - though, oddly, their best standard zoom, which is actually quite good, is the original Panasonic 14-45mm kit lens.

There are only two real premium standard zooms for any mirrorless system: the Panasonic 12-35 and the Fuji 18-55. The Panasonic is at best "pretty good," which, considering its price, is pretty disappointing. The Fuji is, in my opinion, the best. In fact, if I really wanted a mirrorless camera with a standard zoom, the X-E1 kit would be the only one I'd even consider buying.

A few extra points:

• Given that your actual post is pretty reasonable and non-trolly, you might be better off choosing a less inflammatory headline next time!

• Fuji is rumored to be introducing an entry-level X-mount camera with a standard Bayer sensor at some point in the next year. If you can wait that long, that might be the option for you.

• Sell that 24-105 and pick up a 15-85!

Thank you very much for your replies.  They are extremely helpful, and very reassuring.  I almost certainly will opt for the Fuji XE1.

One apology, one question, and a bit of clarification.

I apologize for the title of the post.  It did not really occur to me that is was inflammatory.  I thought of it more as a question.

I grew up with Leica M3, M4, and Nikon F.  Not a zoom in sight.  I switched to Canon when my home was burgled and the Nikon and Leica gear stolen (also with a lot of other stuff).  I am very manual control oriented, and to this day mostly use manual exposure.  Modern cameras tend to make this somewhat difficult, and make focusing manually nearly impossible.  One of the prime reasons for considering the Fuji is the ability to focus and set exposure not only manually, but virtually by touch.I still prefer single focal length, but not for travel.

Finally what 15-85 lens are you talking about?


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