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Re: Camera advice for specific application

DalmaProductions wrote:


I'm an audio engineer and am a complete novice to photography. I'd like to spend up to 500/600/700$ on a good camera for the following:

- Indoor video, mostly music studios, close-up musicians. Low light conditions.

- Filming and (photographing if dslr) real equipment close-up, for hardware product design, and advertising.

- Something easy to use

- Does not need to be very versatile/dynamic. don't need different zooms and functionalities.

- Idea is to just put camera on a tripod 99% of the time, point, and shoot great quality.

- Video is very important, more so than photos.

So with my limited knowledge, I'm stuck between camcorder and dslr. I'm leaning towards a dslr because they seem to do better in low light, also because I don't need all the camcorder functionality, and prefer the images I see done on dslr's for some reason.


Be aware that any kind of indoor lighting is low light as a far as cameras are concerned.

These are the four things you need:

1. A camera with a DSLR sized sensor - APS-C, at least.

2. A fast lens - a minimum of f2.

3. Some extra lighting - an LED panel, perhaps.

4. A good tripod.

So as you see, the camera is only a part of what you need.

Any DSLR currently manufactured would be OK, as would a number of second-hand DSLR's.

Refurbished can be a good option.

If you go down the camcorder route you will still need a tripod and lighting.

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