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Looks good.


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The specs for GX2 rumored here seem very plausible.  Over in 43rumors copied from another site their rumored F3 specs also include IBIS, new 18 MP sensor,  tilting EVF, and faster shutter speed?  If the $800 price holds true then the projected specs by  newcamera  seem more likely.

THIS is it folks:

44 MP "Feelmeon" sensor, GoogleGlass style EVF goggles, camera is mounted hands-free around your neck ala Bob Dylan harmonica style, 4-dimensional IBIS (it moves fwd and backward in time also), 3" 1080P plasma screen (requires 120V line). Starting retail will be $2300 body only, which will drop in 3 days to $599.

Response from the Olympus Micro Four Thirds forum: crickets, crickets...

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