Why do people buy the 8mm fisheye lens?

Started Oct 27, 2010 | Discussions thread
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Re: ...instead of the 7.5mm samyang?

Dheorl wrote:

Tbh a better question would be why do people buy the 8mm fisheye when you can buy the 7.5mm samyang. Do you really need autofocus on a lens that has pretty much infinite DoF. I guess MAYBE if your diving with it for underwater photography AF might be useful, not something I've ever done.



The Samyang (aka other names) 7.5 FE is a terrific lens - a real bargain. I own a number of FE lenses - the 10.5 Nikkor, 16mm Nikkor, a Russian Zenitar 15mm (lousy) - as I do commercial VR panos. The Samyang is probably the best overall although the 10.5mm DX Nikkor has better anti-flare characteristics. AF is pretty much irrelevant for FE lenses.


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