My D800 after Nikon service shows great AFA diviation

Started May 20, 2013 | Questions thread
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Re: NEVER send lens with a body for calibration...

Petruska wrote:

Teleboy wrote:

Sent in both my D4 and D800 with two 50s, a 70-200, 24-70, and 85. Autofocus is now absolutely pristine! Yay Nikon!

Just sayin...


You were lucky!

The lenses should never be matched to a particular body as obvious in the OP.

A good Nikon tech calibrates everything separately to a golden standard.

I have 4 Nikon bodies and 16 Nikon lenses and with all lenses AF Fintune is +/- 5 on any body at the most.  I have sent in a few lenses for calibration and one body, but never together.

Bob P.

Yeah. Although, judging by the descriptions on these repair reports, I'm not convinced they actually adjusted lenses "to the camera." I think they simply checked each item (including the cameras) for errors and adjusted the software/tables etc. related to focus. The service order did specifically ask them to calibrate "w/D800, D4" though.

I guess I'll see what really happened when I next use a borrowed lens...

For now, I'm rather giddy. Whatever they did, worked.

Do you think it's really possible that they drastically modified each lens (i.e. way beyond + or - 20) to fit it to one or both cameras?


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