Really Dumb camera can't take photos

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Re: Really Dumb camera can't take photos

RogerMexico wrote:

Man, I have had it with this OMD. It just can't take a good photo.

I don't generally get into discussions like this one. They really are not productive. But just this once.

Judging by your online gallery images the E-M5 is doing at least as good a job as your Leica, Canons, Pentax and other Olympus camera(s). I know sharpness and composition are bourgeois concepts but really, camera handling skills do matter. As a creative exercise your extreme high key/overexposed image could be the start of something interesting. Embrace the image and explore the possibilities. It has as much merit as many of the other images in your gallery.

Have fun, enjoy yourself, learn something new today.

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