rebel or 6d? for all round photography

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Re: rebel or 6d? for all round photography

mariadc wrote:

I just shot my son's soccer game with the SL1 and my 100-400.  It performed okay.  The biggest surprise was shutter lag.  I missed quite a few shots.  It focused fast but then after I pressed the button, there was a long lag before the shutter fired.  I've shot kids' soccer games for six years - mostly with my 30D and 100-400, then this year with my 6D and 100-400, one game with the 7D and 100-400, and now a game with the SL1 and 100-400.  The SL1 had considerably longer shutter lag.  (I shoot sports the way I do BIF:  servo with center point only).

i tried it out with my own 100-400 (on the 100d), and so far not had any problems. Seems to focus and fire just fine.

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